Virtual Sewing Camp


We are so excited to have you participate in this year’s Virtual Sewing Camp!  You will need to have your project kits, basic sewing supplies, and your sewing machine ready to begin the videos.


Before we dive into the projects, please use these videos to refresh your memory or teach you some sewing basics!

  1. Winding Your Bobbin
  2. Threading Your Machine
  3. Sewing Machine Safety
  4. Troubleshooting and Basic Problem Solving

Now that you feel confident and ready to begin, let’s get to sewing!

Soup Bowl Cozy Video

Soup Bowl Cozy Instructions


Mesh Beach Bag Video

Mesh Beach Bag Instructions


Hanging Organizer Video

Hanging Organizer Instructions


Fabric Garland Video

Fabric Garland Instructions 


Once you have finished your project(s), we would love to hear from you!  Please complete the following survey here.  This will help us with future sewing camp programming!

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