4-H Food Challenge 2017

See District 8 4-H website for District contest info and complete Rules & Guidelines, scorecards, worksheets, and more helpful resources.

Erath County Food Show/Food Challenge Information

 Registration Deadline:  Thursday, November 9, 2017 by 5:00 p.m. – call or email –

254-965-1460 or dwhite@ag.tamu.edu


Food Challenge Food Show
·         Name of team and team member names/age group ·         Name of individual participant and age group
· $25 entry fee

Make sure you have enrolled for this

4-H year.


·         Category chosen: (Protein, Fruit & Vegetables, Grains, or Dairy)

·         Make sure you have enrolled for this

4-H year.


November 18 (Saturday) at Texas A&M Research and Extension Center – 1229 N US 281, Stephenville.


8:15-8:30                     Registration and Check-In – $25/team registration due

8:30-9:00                     Food Challenge Orientation for participants

 9:00                            Food Challenge Contest begins

 9:45                            Food Challenge Judging Begins

11:30 -12:00                Tentative Awards


FOOD SHOW – Theme – “Fresh from the Farm”

            9:00                             Registration and Check-In for Food Show participants

            9:30                             Food Show orientation for participants

            9:45                             Food Show Judging

            11:30-12:00                 Tentative Awards


Bonus Information

  1. Don’t forget the registration fee of $25.00 per team for COUNTY 4-H Food Challenge. 4-H Food Show has no registration fee – because no kit is required or food purchased ahead of time.  4-H Food Challenge contestants are provided a kit and food for the contest.
  2. Food Challenge: Check your kit and be sure you have all supplies as listed in the lid of the kit BEFORE you get to contest.
  3. Aprons are not a requirement, but very useful!
  4. If you are competing in both contests (Food Show and Food Challenge), be sure and ask for order of judging for Food Show at the beginning of contest. There will be a separate set of judges for Food Show and Food Challenge.
  5. Time table for each contest:
    1. Food Show4 minute presentation – youth introduces themselves and their dish. Describe inspiration in choosing the recipe and how it relates to the theme, “Fresh From the Farm.”  4 minute interview from judges asking questions applicable to the scorecard – basic nutrition, food safety, preparation, as well as project experiences.  It always helps to review the scorecard.  You will have 1 minute to serve the judges a portion of your dish.  You don’t have to bring the whole dish – a smaller portion is actually recommended.
    2. Food Challenge – 5 minutes for the presentation; 3 minutes for judge’s questions. Review the scorecard ahead of time.
  6. Parents can help kids into the county contest with kits, etc. but there is really no place to wait. Parents not allowed in competition room.  Feel free to come back around 11:30 for the awards.  😉
  7. Who advances to the District Contest in Belton on December 13 ????
    1. Food Challenge – the 1st and 2nd place teams from each age group– JR/INT/SR
    2. Food Show – the 1st place winner from each Food Show category (Protein, Fruits & Vegetable, Grains, and Dairy) from each age division – JR/INT/SR
  8. For complete set of rules for each contest:
    1. Food Challenge – https://agrilife.org/d84h/files/2017/09/2017_D8_4-H_Food_Show__Food_Challenge_Letter_Rules.pdf
    2. Food Show –  https://agrilife.org/d84h/files/2010/07/2017_D8_4-H_Food_Show_Rules__Forms.pdf
  9. Practice recipes:
    1. Jr-Int practice recipes
    2. Sr practice recipes
    3. Powerpoint of 2014 Practice recipes
  10. Food Resource Guides
    1. Cooking in the Kitchen
    2. Explore Food Challenge
  11. See District 8 4-H website for District contest info and complete Rules & Guidelines, scorecards, worksheets, and more helpful resources.


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