4-H Enrollment

Welcome to Texas 4-H!

Welcome to the largest youth organization in Texas! Texas has more than 550,000 youth who are involved
in 4-H experiences each year and we are pleased that you have decided to join 4-H for the current
year! If you are new to 4-H, here is some information about our enrollment process and how we need your
partnership in getting your membership entered and active!
Each year on August 15th all membership in Texas 4-H goes to inactive and all youth members and
adult volunteers must re-enroll. Each 4-H membership year runs from September to the following August.

Youth members are required to pay a $25.00 participation fee

if enrolled by October 31st,

and a $30.00 fee from November 1st to the completion of the 4-H year.

Adults pay a $10.00 volunteer applicant fee for the current 4-H year.

Adults and youth will need to enroll on 4HConnect and be active to be considered an official
member of Texas 4-H. An active enrollment is required in order to register and participate in
all 4-H activities and events.

Steps to Enrolling/Re-Enrolling in 4-H

(Download printable version HERE.)

1. Access the 4-H CONNECT on-line system at: https://texas.4honline.com/
2New Members: Select [I need to set up a profile].
Returning Members: Select [I have a profile] or [I forgot my password].
Contact County Extension Office for resetting assistance.

Select: Role: [Family]
Click [Login]
3. New Members: Select Adult or Youth from the drop down menu and click [Add Member].
Returning Members: Click [Edit] to the right of the inactive member’s profile.
4. New Members: Make sure that you enter the correct birthdate, school district, school and grade.
Returning Members: Make sure that you double-check that the birthdate, school district, school and grade are all correct.

Once all profile information is current and correct under the Personal Information, Additional Information, Health Form, and Participation areas of enrollment, continue to the Invoice page.
5. Review your invoice to ensure that the participation fee has been charged and it is correct. Once information has been reviewed, click continue to the Payment screen.
6. New Members: If you are new to 4-H, you can add your credit card payment information to 4-H CONNECT and it
will be securely stored. Click the orange [Add New Credit Card] link if paying with credit card or
select the county club check option.
Returning Members: If the credit card on file has been updated you will need to remove it and add the credit card again
using the new information.
7. Select the appropriate method of payment by clicking on the correct button, then click [Select Payment Method.]
8. On the “Confirm page” each person will be required to click the [Pay By Computer Terms and Conditions]. Click [Submit Enrollment]
9. Once an enrollment (new member) or re-enrollment (returning member) has been submitted, it is sent to the county office for review and approval. Once approved and paid for, an email confirmation will be sent to the family email address. Payment by 4-H Check can take up to 2 weeks to process. An active membership status WILL NOT be granted until participation fees have been received and marked as paid.

Please call or come by the office if you have any trouble completing enrollment and we will be happy to help you with the process.



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