4-H Enrollment

Welcome to Texas 4-H!

Welcome to the largest youth organization in Texas! Texas has more than 550,000 youth who are involved
in 4-H experiences each year and we are pleased that you have decided to join 4-H for the current
year! If you are new to 4-H, here is some information about our enrollment process and how we need your
partnership in getting your membership entered and active!
Each year on August 15th all membership in Texas 4-H goes to inactive and all youth members and
adult volunteers must re-enroll. Each 4-H membership year runs from September to the following August.

Youth members are required to pay a $25.00 participation fee if enrolled by October 31st, and a $30.00 fee from November 1st to the completion of the 4-H year.

Clover Kid Enrollment fee is $10 for the current year.

Adults pay a $10.00 volunteer applicant fee for the current 4-H year.

Adults and youth will need to enroll on 4HConnect and be active to be considered an official
member of Texas 4-H. An active enrollment is required in order to register and participate in
all 4-H activities and events.


Welcome to 4-H and 4-H Online



Click to Enroll in 4-H

Please call or come by the office if you have any trouble completing enrollment and we will be happy to help you with the process.


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