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Save the Date- September 2023 Newsletter


Backyard Chicken Program

Backyard Chicken Program

June 2023 Newsletter

Ag newsletter 6-7-2023

April 2023 Newsletter

Cross Timbers Land Management

March 2023 Newsletter

Livestock Antibiotics March 2023

February 2023 Newsletter

Erath County Local Work Group

November 2022 Newsletter

Dairy Handling  

October 2022 Newsletter

Supplementing Your Beef Cowherd Oct 2022

July 2022 Newsletter

Texas Animal Manure Management Issues



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Master Marketer Newsletters

The Master Marketer Newsletter is published quarterly. Each issue contains: Highlights of the previous quarter’s activities, announcements of upcoming programs and meetings, Producer Profile-recognizing producers and the backgrounds to their operations, Guest Column-both internal and external columnists share their views of the current marketing situation, Choice Website-website suggestions as resources for marketing and other agricultural uses including contests and databases, and Farm Assistance Update-recommendations of risk management strategies for today’s production operations.

Click HERE to view the latest issues.

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